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The name Of This track, which eventually became the title of the album, not only inspired the concepts of the album but also the cover artwork to it. I felt like I had a lot to prove in making this album. For starters I needed to show that I had versatility, being able to create different types of tracks, going beyond the perception that I'm only a angry dude, and being able to switch up my flows. This is my first album, I've only put out an ep before this. I needed to prove to myself that I could create a full length album.

For this track specifically, I had to rhyme about the anger of being overlooked, and underappreciated as an emcee amongst my peers. I had to scale past a struggle rapper type of career and advance to a position I'm worth. Plus I had to look within myself and see things for what they were besides how I would like them to be.

I had to swallow my pride when I experienced the frustration of thinking I nailed an aspect of my music career, and people don't necessarily give back the same energy and excitement I had. I just have to keep pushing, until I get it right.

So ashes to ashes dust to dust Gone is the illusion the wall is crushed!


Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Gone is the illusion, the wall is crushed
The world talks shit, but when you call its bluff
Then Gone is the illusion the wall is crushed

More than the illusion I was pumpkin heads cousin
niggas round this town over here pushing my buttons
Gimmie daps always act like they never fronting
Always open up they mouth and got to say something
He too old to rock the mic so why he still spitting?
Well listen up and lemme bring something to your attention
That collabo with that MC you always been wishing
That got turned down before he even gave it a listen
He’s the same age as me so who the fuck you think you tricking
This was never about age you been jocking for position
You’d open your ass and let’em stick his dick in
If it was filled with bacteria from lack of circumcision
Your music is fucking garbage and not worth a single listen!
You’re worse than parsons blvd Kennedy fried chicken
If you can’t take the heat then get the fuck up out my kitchen
Bitch don’t you listen, Bitch don’t you listen!

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Gone is the illusion, the wall is crushed
The world talks shit, but when you call its bluff
Then Gone is the illusion the wall is crushed

Verse 2
Is it my entitlement things aren’t making sense to me?
Or are my peers Casey and my name is Kaylee Anthony
Y’all killing me but telling me y’all forever love me
Like Whitney post eulogy y’all shove it right in front of me
But when I throw a show there’s nobodies there in front of me
Gone is the illusion maybe I’m going crazy
There’s a fate that no man is ever exempt
Is that familiarity breeds whole lots of contempt
Y’all see so much of me my presence is predictable
I use one of magics principles completely go invisible
Gone is the illusion I know what really happened
It’s me and always has been this lack of taking action
like mattel I thought I gave it all I has bro
not knowing down this rabbit hole I have much deeper to go
I’ll be damned If I become a crab in a bucket
Clawing my to a glass ceiling just so I can touch it

Verse 3
If this were draft 2003, I’m Carmelo Anthony
With Wade, Bosh, and Lebron three champs arm & arm
Ring fast ramadan seems a suit I have on
Skingraph third degree burns wanna play with me?
No fucking losses when I play on NFL gameday
Awful sounds when I turn muscle bound from skin & Bones
Sasquatch tear apart trailer parks and suburban homes
Death adder gladiator God of this game of thrones
Theres a difference between me & you swerving tracks and hitting cones
Exceptional ability EA sports I’m in the game
Hercules your atrophied I’m done with you lames
Gone is the illusion Dean I let go of it!
Because grudges only hurt the persons who holding it
Like this rapper I saw at Santos Party house
Drunk rapping bitter and burnt the fuck out
Spitting on himself and couldn’t get his words out!
Not me I ride til the wheels fall off then hit a ditch
fly through the windshield then my skull will split
Survive a vegetative state my limbs and hands will twitch
and use sign language so the deaf can feel me spit!!


from Gone is the illusion, released March 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Super King Armor Queens, New York

A low key, O.D. Charles Barkley, a verbal Chuck Norris on beat. This best describes the sound on stage and recordings by Super King Armor. Always finishing with brutal efficiency on the mic, ugly! This coincides with his stage presence which is like 'Animal' from the muppets. A physical performer. He is verbose with his lyrics and brutally honest regarding life and how hes lived it. ... more

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