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You hear how strong and epic this beat is? The track had to be strong, gladiator type, destruction! these type of songs are some of my favorite to write. Aggressive punch lines and strong narrative, I love that shit!

I had so much to say and so much was happening in the world at the time I really needed to approach the track with a fearless outlook. Gritty intellect, I like to call it.


Verse 1
Gimmie your best shot pal I can take it!
Heart got strong from people trying to break it!
Pardon my tease I wear my heart on my sleeve
I rather move than freeze give up & cop pleas
an who are these niggas to ever judge me!?
You were never around when my chips were down
I was the only person who lifted me off that ground
an if I ain’t winning then I go down swinging
I can take a beating & keep on ticking
try to push me away and take my position
Your bones will snap so good luck with benching
So if you ain’t here to put a smile on my face
put money in my pocket and reach new landscapes
The bulk of my time don’t you dare waste
Step to the side I got moves to make

Verse 2
In the scheme of things, the punchline is real simple
What - don’t - kill- you- makes- you crippled
What don’t kill me makes me stronger
Scientists use my white blood cells on viral monsters
I ain’t talking thermals when I say your under armour
when you make as much sense as an igloo in china
an a neighborhood with a curfew and a all night diner
If you think I should settle for less an expire
an be miserable like you a coward & a liar
I got a thick skin like metal plating
with padding like line men in gear in the off season
charged with unnecessary roughness & brutal beatings
That’ll get me banned like odd future from New Zealand
My will is strong! My pride is beaming!
Your will is weak, your pride is peeling
My heart larger than a water bed hit’n a muthafucking ceiling!

Verse 3
I’m a warlock with words the way I split halves
Off top the head or pen game Witch-craft?
I wasn’t always that nice I had to bust ass
Like a freshman fighting 8th graders for his bus pass
Ain’t nothing like being on stage in front of a rough crowd
They could hate my guts tell me quit but I’m too proud
Salt in my wounds but it made me better
Went home mead notebook on the dresser
I won’t be denied or bow down to the pressure
Your boyfriends only better than me in your dreams
hes only recognized because of a marketing team
but I want it more with or without the machine
I’m the last man standing might as well climb to the top
I’ve seen artists lose it all and go back to the block
I’ve endured a lot where most would have stopped
But I pick up momentum like a fucking juggernaut!

Verse 4
I’m cut from an art form born through renegades
I’ll stand my ground on George Zimmermans grave
Channelling the spirits of African slaves
Facing the adversity of dogs & riot brigades
My heart is a vibrant torch lit flame
That guides me through the darkness, where I was born like Bane
I move in silence like the “D” in Djangos name
when constructing the framework of my game
I ain’t talking angry birds in the hood tossed in there lane
Ignored like kurds slaughtered by Saddam Hussein
I mean having the courage of expressing my range
That reaches further than peaks, valleys, & groves
Deciphers prophecy in books, numbers, & codes
Stripped more bare than beauties in burlesque shows
Leave fans screaming like Yasiin Bey with tubes up his nose


from Gone is the illusion, released March 31, 2015
produced by Willie Green, session at Steel Tipped Doves studio in Brooklyn N.Y.




Super King Armor Queens, New York

A low key, O.D. Charles Barkley, a verbal Chuck Norris on beat. This best describes the sound on stage and recordings by Super King Armor. Always finishing with brutal efficiency on the mic, ugly! This coincides with his stage presence which is like 'Animal' from the muppets. A physical performer. He is verbose with his lyrics and brutally honest regarding life and how hes lived it. ... more

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