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The thing I most enjoy about this song is the musicality of the beat, and melody. It put me in a zone where I just wanted to ride that joint from start to finish.

The concept of this song came from the 6 degrees of separation I've gone through meeting people in the Hip Hop world. So it feels like we are all with in each others grasp.


Longer than a tightrope, aim of a snipers scope
Wrapped around a building, like a line for jordans
New methods of exploring, new masters of exploiting
from the range of it its a radius.

Verse 1

I walk in all nonchalant, then soak up the ambiance
In venues I’m a stomp, hit- the - stage- so- prompt
Thoughts I provoke, I’m - beyond your scope
Beee honest most, theeeey try to sculpt
Something just as dope, well the answers nope!
Only your ego bloats, for a seagulls gulp
Try the belly up approach, didn’t say I told you so!
You well outside your radius, only left complaining bitch
oh looky heres a bench, sit down you’re missing strength
an inch? when you’ve had enough, bags packed enter bus
bad bitch “incubus”, only in my ink you trust
rappers 20 40+ swear they good & blowing up
In 4 blocks staying stuck, same henny, same cup
different dutch, same sluts, 20, 40, 60 up
Diddy fiddy signed you up? Still a bunch a lying fucks
16 bars not enough 2 more verses going nuts!
Shhhh, I can hear them creeping in, all around the radius in an on the outside, outside, outside

Verse 2
Brainstorm pouring in, more my thoughts are in
opens doors again, think Jim Morrison
I am accomplishing, with my immortal Pen
Fight I’m sticking in, because of self discipline
puts an awesome spin, on how to chalk up wins
take it on the chin, I’m a monstrosity
awe in symmetry, of authenticity
But your brains in gear, controlling eyes and ears
Judge the hemisphere of where have I appeared
Thinking I’m other rappers well I’m nothing like them
White, Brown, or light skin, weight class titan
All my shows tight then, Lockes of a viking
Where did that come from? Nigga it’s been here
your a passive listener, try to pass as good ears
I’m not a Jordan shot, I won’t fade away
Too many small minds, not enough bigs today

Shhhh, I can hear them creeping in, all around the radius in an on the outside, outside, outside

3rd Verse

High & Mighty Hitlers, I’m like a trickster
poison your elixir, emerge the victor
Not a great pris’ner, my limbs too limber
make you remember, you face the enigma
seething contender, who sees through your center
you’re more like a vortex, gripping tight forceps
try to trap my light in, event horizon
I even the odds on, events on horizon
all up in my space & shit, encompassing my radius
leech & a parasite, symbiote maggot bite
I’m a bunch a dynamite, blast everything in sight
no more psuedo friendships, blown away don’t exist
never revolutionary when you’re really capitalists
Yoga and your chakra you can have all that bullshit
talk like a tough guy when you’re just a jealous bitch
Your body language says more than any of your words did

Shhhh, I can hear them creeping in, all around the radius in an on the outside, outside, outside


from Gone is the illusion, released March 31, 2015




Super King Armor Queens, New York

A low key, O.D. Charles Barkley, a verbal Chuck Norris on beat. This best describes the sound on stage and recordings by Super King Armor. Always finishing with brutal efficiency on the mic, ugly! This coincides with his stage presence which is like 'Animal' from the muppets. A physical performer. He is verbose with his lyrics and brutally honest regarding life and how hes lived it. ... more

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