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When I put out my first project titled the Werewolf lullabies. I came up with this alter ego called the skarman. Over time I developed the name into an acronym that stands for slept on kontinously always rising morning and night. I wanted to create more acronyms that I could write verses about for this song. I had a lot of fun flexing my brain for this track.


S-K-A-R-M-A-N……… You know who it is, the SKARMAN!
S-K-A-R-M-A-N………...You know who it is, the SKARMAN!
Who Super King Armor manifested an needed
Like longswords, under floor boards, to ward off
Warlords, big as Paul George, & the Waldorff
Who eat a full course, a four scores, and drink gord’s
That make you sweat orbs, at deaths door, in deaths gorge
I’m in depth more, left off, with enor-
mous forbes, type scores, eye sores
blackboard, where thoughts drawed, like knight swords
held abroad, by muscle forged, tight cords
utter forth, metaphors, through metal doors
Obsessing to pull in, different directions an beasting
The heart of the world I am eating screaming WHO AM I!!!!!

Riddle me this.
WHo is slept on kontinously but also rising morning & night?
What am I a wall charged stasis pod?
with Thai massage inside a comfort lodge
snuggled cucumbers & facial cream
when my pen game got pull like a tractor beam
The go a head on a project with a sponsor
vitality of a shark with flesh in its chompers
lightning putting life inside Frankensteins monster
Say I ain’t tight bitch, you must be bonkers
Sleeping with a cigarette near a christmas tree
fire from a fuse box a tragic fantasy
electronic cigarette you ain’t a match for me
The penalty box for dare sleeping on me
The nightmare figure with the scythe in your dreams
who gets the money? It only must be Queens
refugees in the states house I clean
I live my purpose enough with the dreams
Say my name as I rise from the flames
And break my chains I am SKARMAN!!!
pyrokinetic pardon no acceptance
flame the fabric leave ashes & fragments
Speed of a bullet and trigger to pull it with Hands
Pen to the paper signature of the SKARMAN!!
I am Savagely killing all rivals with masterful aim nicely
Amidst my kills I roam the mists of the hills
I smell my next hunt for the use of my skills
Blood pumping, my eyes red, & wide open
drool spilling, my teeth sharp, & they showing
moonlighting, on my weapons, they glowing
Ribs touching, oooooh, I’m a eat something
you been fronting your greens eyes been watching
you spew toxin where ever your spirits wandering
Bust doors, house floors, I’m mad stomping
you the monster under the bed? Stay hiding!
If I can drive a church van that makes Hell sing
I can steal your vital organs in a pail I bring
Wear your ears as a necklace and eyes as rings
After luring you out with fast food and weed
Just enough to slow down the bodies speed
I’ll make you bleed with my surgical knife
approach to rap music avoiding normalcy
One dimensional hears crickets
I’m hearing shit so explicit
seeing colors so vivid, from my canvas its lifted
my execution is different, record life how I live it
Groundbreaking exhibit, you hate it put limits
whats my worth you inquisite, when it work you hit switches
If I fail then you flip it, back to how you beginned it
Fuck that nigga and his vision depicted!
So fickle I wonder how your appendages
Stay connected when you should fall to pieces-es
use to hurt now I get it, Your life is so pathetic
Come & go I perceive it,Workhorse I achieve shit!
You’re always around like twinkies and roaches
I’ll find use for you if I need my ego stroked like my dick bitches!
I Been sacrificing Knights and Rooks for momentum
Across neighborhoods like spiderman swinging
It’s not just about.. The power of my own pen
I’ll use a muthafuckah to further my own ends
keep’em hanging like a puppet from laces of my Tims
Dangling & shit no control flailing limbs
and once my dubious methods have been revealed
They call me Captain America with a human shield(stars & stripes)
On the battlefield, bullets steel, cap & peel
I throw away my shield for becoming chewed veal
I duck behind a tower enemy shoot’n blanks
He runs headlong into the screen on play in the paint
I reach the guardians at the gates, knights in metal plates
They’re really just a myth once you stop having faith
An from the fallen pieces I use Telekinesis
An make metal beams for stairways to dreams
an oil drums to fill with gasoline
to travel time & space in well crafted machines
Stealthily kinetic arm reach moves away
negativity that would leave me in disarray
I wear weights in a straight jacket, wrapped in chains
that I bust out, do jumping jacks, arms muscled and veined
I ball all a bad karma & volley cross hills
into oceans exploding sink continents ill
Significant knowledge absorbed recently
makes armor nimble in the face of adversity
Man on a mission I stay bullshit free
learn more music take over my industry
your discouragement won’t work no matter intensity
I see holes in your game and counter your weak energy
But this a social experiment whirlwind
The NYC underground recycles its girlfriends
we’ve all slept with each other how can I offend
I’ll just drop my pants and let the orgy begin


from Gone is the illusion, released March 31, 2015




Super King Armor Queens, New York

A low key, O.D. Charles Barkley, a verbal Chuck Norris on beat. This best describes the sound on stage and recordings by Super King Armor. Always finishing with brutal efficiency on the mic, ugly! This coincides with his stage presence which is like 'Animal' from the muppets. A physical performer. He is verbose with his lyrics and brutally honest regarding life and how hes lived it. ... more

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